Sunday, June 28, 2009


Like nearly every hormone driven male in the 70s, I was into Farrah Fawcett-Majors. I had the famous red bathing suit/nipple poster (the framed one above the stage in Liquid Lounge was the original that I had on my wall!) and a montage of Farrah poster, too. Brother Pete was more of a Jaclyn Smith fan.
I had a dream once that Farrah and Lee Majors had moved into the house across the street. I went over to visit, Farrah opened the door and gave me this innocent kiss - and I slowly levitated off the ground and floated back to my house. That was it, but I was hooked.
I remember one time going to the sweet shop to buy comic books and on the magazine rack above I was astonished that nearly EVERY magazine, probably 80-90% of them, had Farrah on the cover. Never saw anything like it before or since.
So my props during this week loaded with celeb deaths (incl. Ed McMahon and pitchman Billy Mays) goes to Farrah and NOT Michael Jackson. Yes, he made some great albums. But this MJ lovefest sickens me - did everyone forget that the guy was a pedophile?? and that he hasnt made decent music since the Bad album? Did I mention that he was a pedophile???

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