Friday, November 3, 2006

Retro Halloween costumes

Ms. Kyle sent me this link to a site of retro Halloween costumes! It's amazing and very amusing. One of my faves is the Mr. Kotter costume from Welcome Back Kotter-try to imagine some little kid coming to your door wearing that mask!

As usual, I went down to mi casa in Asbury Park to give out candy. Didnt expect it to be near 70 degrees or I might have stuck around for the Village Halloween Parade. I heard it was beyond packed, one friend who went said all he could think about was that Who concert where people couldnt move and got crushed. This highlights one of the strange phenomena of getting older - you start to really dislike crowds. Remember when you were in your teens and 20s, if you went to an event, or a club or a party and it was packed you were pumped - it made it more exciting, more happening, or whatever. Now it's the opposite!! "Uggh, let's not go there, it's too crowded!"

I'm curious, why do you think this is??