Friday, June 19, 2009

10 Random Things That Suck

In no order of relevance:
1) Walking in pouring rain in NYC.
2) Shoestrings that break when you're late to get somewhere.
3) Having to listen to gangsta rap when you don't want to.
4) People who are constantly texting.
5) Seeing one's receding hairline in photos.
6) When you're on the highway and someone is going slow in front of you, so you put on your blinker to get into the left lane to pass and just then the guy behind you does the same thing and cuts you off.
7) Blind dates.
8) Flat tires.
9) The movie "Synechdoche, NY" - 2 hrs of my life I'll never get back.
10) My mom has cancer and starts chemo in 2 weeks - that sucks more than anything.

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AlNickerson said...

10 Random Responses That Don’t Suck (i’m bored)…

1) Time to buy an umbrella.

2) I know how that feels. Although, it would really stink if you had to then walk barefoot in New York in the pouring rain.

3) I’m sure that gangsta rap is played non-stop in Hell.

4) Ya know, I still don’t get the idea of texting. How is texting more efficient than actually speaking on the phone? Hopefully, this is just a fad.

5) Can’t relate. I still have all of my manly hair. Still, some fellas can pull off the bald look… like Bruce Willis or Kojak.

6) Yeah… Jersey drivers are crazy.

7) They’re called "blind" dates for a reason.

8) I keep a can of Fix-A-Flat in the trunk of my car in case of emergencies. I haven’t had to use it. Thank, God.

9) Even the title sounds lame.

10) I’m still praying for ya, buddy, and, of course, for your mom, as well.