Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So I went to cardio therapy yesterday afternoon, then to Mom's for some grub and a visit. A combo of the holiday season, food poisoning, and well, mainly the holiday season, led to some serious slacking in the exercise department and I didn't do much the past three weeks. It's amazing how quickly one's conditioning falls back a few notches! I got through my normal workout at therapy but was feeling it. The thing that I have to be careful about since the surgery is that when I miss exercising and then get back to it, I feel the strain in my heart and besides the discomfort (think how your leg muscles feel when you run after not running for awhile) and concern, I get really tired. I crashed at mamasan's at about 10!! I didnt even stay up to watch the end of wrestling and I slept over 9 hours! Yikes! But no discomfort today and finished up 2 paintings at the studio. But the holidays are over, and the way I felt last night is plenty motivation to get back to the gym and therapy regularly...and the hope that I see Padhma (or is it Phadma??) from Top Chef at my gym again! Yum!
Below is a painting I have in a show at Black Maria Gallery in LA called "Feminine Perspective" and below that is one that I sort of finished today, as yet untitled.

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