Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Joe Borzotta - Craphound

I am a Craphound. A craphound for those of you unfamiliar with the term, is a person who collects alot of stuff. Not the psycho pizza boxes up to the ceiling nut, just to be clear. If you remember Liquid Lounge, you'll remember all the pop culture memorabilia decor, most of which is stored away in my attic. What am I going to do with all those lunchboxes, figures, games, pez, bobbleheads and such?? I might have to open a new place to display them! I also have thousands of comic books (in mom's house, thank God!), hammered aluminum trays and bowls, sports cards, art books, vinyl records, and a slowly growing collection of original art (other than my own). And don't suggest that I sell the stuff! How could I part with my Mr T sprinkler? or the Justin Timberlake N'Sync marionette? or the Sta-Puft Marshmallow man radio? or the can of Popeye Spinach? or Chairy? or my 1966 Batman lunchbox? How dare you?!?

I have visions of someday owning a house where I have one room that's MINE, off limits to the future wife and kids, my own Sanctum Sanctorum (comic book geek reference) and I have all this STUFF displayed, a drawing table, and a lazyboy with a TV so I can watch wrestling and UFC, and read in peace...the modern term is "Man Cave."
Craphound or not, I have reeled it in considerably. Especially with lunchboxes - they just take up too much room. HOWEVER, I finally managed to get one that I've longed for since first grade. I always got beat out on Ebay for it, but this one came up Buy It Now-- and I did, damn the consequences!!
Ladies and gentlemen, from 1968, the dometop Snoopy lunchbox!


AlNickerson said...

Well, if you are ever thinking about getting rid of that Marvel super-heroes lunch-box, let me know. I can always give it a good home. :)

Scanman said...

That Snoopy box looks cool. I had a girlfriend who was a clutterhound. She saved up all the happy meal cups and bags,

yes, bags, because she read a 20 year Happy Meal bag was worth 20 dollars.

ken said...

I have that Lunch box in very good to excellent condition could you tell me what it is worth

Joe Borzotta said...

Ken, it all varies on the condition and whether or not it has a thermos. Prices vary wildly but for this generally 35-100. Best bet is to check it out on EBay, find ones similar to the condition of yours and see what they're selling for.