Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I can't believe the election is a week away! The polls mostly all have Obama ahead albeit by a small margin. I heard the other day about some machines that were tested in Virginia or W Virginia and votes placed for Obama came up McCain! Visions of the debacle in 2000 which, well, we know how that all went, danced in my head.
The general sentiment is that Barack Obama is going to win. But what if McCain wins and there is controversy like in '00? I think there would be major rioting throughout the country, particularly in Cali, NY, Chicago and major urban areas.
Is Obama perfect? Of course not, but since I read "Audacity of Hope" about 2 years ago and researched the man, I became a supporter. Some bottom line reasons: Restoration of diplomacy, analysis and rational thinking re:foreign policy. The Bush Administration's "my way or the highway" style has proved disastrous. Geez, even during the Cold War, Reagan was in constant negotiation with his nemesis, the Soviet Union! If nothing else, I believe that for the next 4 years, the pot will be on simmer rather than boil which is something the world needs right now. Second, I don't want my president to be a common man. I want him to be of way above average intelligence, confidence, temperament, and communication skills. I think Obama possesses these traits. Lastly, I feel he will surround himself with the highest calibre of people who will enlighten and challenge him, use them and his own education and intelligence to analyze problems from all angles, and that he will listen and do research to develop solutions to challenges. Those are the broadstrokes.
Above is a painting I did that I sold prints of on Ebay as a fundraiser for his campaign. Let's all sneak in a prayer this week for the health and safety of both candidates and for an election without controversy.

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