Saturday, October 25, 2008

Studio Tour, LA, and...Pricasso???

The annual Hoboken Studio Tour was slammin! A slow start, just sold some prints and a drawing and then near the end a group came in. One woman, Eva, bought a painting, then her friend, Nina, bought 3 small ones. Then, another woman, Liza, who was in the studio bought one, my phone rings and Melissa (who already owns 3 of my paintings) wanted one that she saw earlier that day - this all happened within 20 minutes!! Maybe they were all lubed up from a day of drinking wine - cheers to the grape! Add to that, the Black Maria Gallery in LA emailed and wants one of my new pieces based on the work I started in Costa Rica for a show next month as well as 2 of my Astro Monkey pieces.
Now from the wonderful to the bizarre...this link was sent to me, seems there's a guy in Australia who goes by the name "Pricasso", who proves the old axiom "It's not the size of the brush, it's the brush stroke."

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