Friday, October 13, 2006

I Hate Technology

There are times when I really hate technology and this is one of them. I'm stuck at home waiting for DHL to deliver a cell phone. "Why?" you may be asking. OK. My cell phone literally broke in half in August. One of the great things about car life in the burbs is that you can get in the car, go, park, do your thing, and head back. No cabs, subways or long treks. Anyway, I went to the Verizon store and being that I have insurance, I was able to get a new phone delivered the next day. So Wednesday late afternoon, only 6 weeks later, the new phone starts acting silly with a reverse screen, shutting off etc, then dying. I schlep to the Verizon store in Soho, ordered a replacement (no $50 fee this time, woohoo!) and am waiting for DHL to deliver it, and I am sure that my buzzer won't work and they'll leave a note on the door. Then I have to go back to the Soho Verizon store so they can download (or upload??) the #'s from the old phone to the new. Uggh. Bad timing, as this Sunday is the 25th Annual Hoboken Studio Tour, and I was planning on doing the annual studio vacuuming today. Plus a dozen other things. Plus I may be opening a coffee bar/art gallery in Asbury Park, but that's a whole other entry.

I want my modern technology - cell phone, computer -- to be like my refrigerator. I want to plug it in, have it work, and only have to deal with repairs/maintenace every 10 years or so.

OK, occasionally I have to change the baking soda and do a cleaning if I forget about food in there and it mutates into a science experiment, but that's much easier to deal with than DHL deliveries, updates, modems, and all the bizarre mind of its own bullshit that computers love to do.

I had a cartoon on my cubicle wall at Arthur Andersen that was great - 3 guys were pulling an enraged fellow office worker away from his desk as he gave the finger to the computer, and the computer screen read "F**k you, too!"
I have AOL (which is another blog entry!) and Explorer. When I go to explorer it says I need to update Mozilla or Safari (I have a Mac). So I download Safari, and it says the same thing!! Why? Anyone know?? Help a brother out.

Well, I used most of my time this morning to print labels, price lists, etc for the Studio Tour. I'm very happy because Mom is setting up tables outside my studio to sell her handmade quilts and pillows. For someone who never took an art class in her life, she has an amazing sense of color. I have alot of small pieces, someold some new, on the wall in my studio at low prices. I always do well at the Studio Tour which equals extra moola and extra space. If you're reading this, it's at 720 Monroe Street betw 7th and 8th in Hoboken, NJ on Sun Oct 15th from noon-6pm. Below are some pics.
I used some of my time surfing the net, and did my guilty pleasure perusal of Craigslist. I wrote a note to a woman who's going to be in town and has an extra ticket for Madama Butterfly at the Met! She replied and I think I'm in, I'll know when she calls tonight - if my damn phone ever gets here. I've never been to the opera, isn't that lame for an artist?? My end of the deal is I have to find a nice place for dinner, which is cool as I love fine dining and I rarely have an excuse to wear a suit.

A free ticket to the opera with a cute woman from out of town via the internet - OK OK, I don't COMPLETELY hate technology.

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khiggs5 said...

Technology is the bain of my existence.  I used to laugh when Mom and Dad couldn't relate to the tape player on the tv...then techno switch to CD's and I am screwed.  I can never get past the introduction....oh well